Watcher is the only event hero of this game.His medals can be obtain only through getting phase 3 in Hell events

His medals are not always available so if u are determined to get him you must be careful and watch if his medals are available for phase 3 in hell event.Watcher is a TANK hero that must definitely be on the first line of attack.His battle skills are consist of boosting your overall training speed,your army HP and your army ATK.

Skills Edit

  • Wild Unleash

Hammers the earth to release nature's energy dealing damage to nearby enemies in a large area and inflicting immobilized for 5 sec.Immobilized enemies can't move

  • Raw Bellow

Lets out a thunderous bellow across the land dealing damage to enemies in a large area and causing direct DMG for 5 sec.

  • Fungal Blight

Releases a mid range toxic fungal spores dealing damage to enemies to a cone and inflicting vulnerability for 5 sec.Vulnerable enemies are reduced their defensive points

  • Nature's Vigor

The ancient forest imbues the Watcher with nature's life essence boosting his HP by a starting points of 3660 max HP

Pro Tip!!

Watcher is a tank type monster.In order for him to get his best u need to use him in a team of heroes that can lower the enemies defense points.By doing this Watcher can cause serious trouble dealing his AOE damage and live longer in battle.