Tracker is a AGI high level damage hero.It is already confirm that she has the highest DMG of Lords Mobile so far.Her battle skills are consist of increasing your turf ore production,boosting your ranged DEF and ATK.Her highly defensive points together with her high lvl damage makes her a very important hero.

Tracker hero skill Edit

  • Fatal Shot *main spell* Fires a flaming arrow at the target that causes fatal damage.
  • Arrow Storm *rank 2* Rains down a barrage of arrows on the target from long range dealing damage to all enemies icone.
  • Curved Shot *rank 4* Fires an arrow that curves and hits the furthest target dealing damage and inflicting Stun for 3 sec.
  • Outrage *rank 7* Boom Hilda's unmatched temper exudes a masculinity that increase her CRIT hit by X amount of points.

Pro Tip!!

Tracker is the best and highest DMG hero of all game so far.Its recommended to to always use her in elite stages and Colosseum.Best to put her in the last line together with the healer.