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Lords Mobile is a war game with lots to offer. You can join a guild, gather resources, train and battle with troops, or you can even "pay to win". Joining a guild is probably the first step. The next step is gathering resources and training troops. There are 4 tiers of troops, each one stronger than the other, and within them are 4 classifications: Infantry, Calvary, Siege Engine, and Ranged. But our story takes place in a category of its own, a category of legends. Our story starts off in one of the many kingdoms in Lords Mobile, Kingdom 14. Kingdom 14 is a prosperous and thriving world filled with a plethora of resources. But with that comes greed, and with that comes war. That is why the many inhabitants of Kingdom 14 have decided to join guilds and form alliances with other guilds to become stronger and unite for the survival of this Kingdom. But there are those who wish to destroy EVERYBODY and make sure that they can have Kingdom 14 all to themselves. They seek to destroy the weakest and to become the strongest. Their only desire is to destroy and conquer. Among those are a special bunch who "pay to win". You heard me right, people actually spend tons and of money on a stupid little mobile game all for the sensation of having the strongest virtual army. But there is one player to top them all, the strongest one in Kingdom 14: [VND] Pyramid. With a might ranking of 421,463,799 he is currently the strongest player in all the kingdom. This is where our story takes a twist. Pyramid had an army consisting of all the tiers and classes possible, but Pyramid wanted more. He wanted a solider that is unexpected, under appreciated, and weak. He wanted to take that soldier and make it 60,000 times stronger than of the soldiers or heroes that currently exists. So one day, Pyramid took an ordinary ballista, worked his 'magic' and infused it with unlimited "power". Thus, Timmy the ballista was born. No one knows why Pyramid chose that name, but it is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with. Pyramid soon realized the power in Timmy, and so he locked him away and is saving him for the right moment. Timmy is waiting, and he will strike. And when he does, may God have mercy on Kingdom 14.

TL;DR: [VND] Pyramid, currently residing in Kingdom 14 and with a might ranking of 421,463,799, hacked the game and gave himself an uber powerful ballista that can one hit everything and can't die.