Background Edit


"My blade hungers!" - Greta
Greta grew up in a jungle where everything obeyed one golden rule - Survival of the Fittest.

Faced with the threat of death at any moment, Greta learned to strike before others did. Her movements are swift and ruthless, honed to kill efficiently.

Greta's habit of licking the blood off her blade strikes terror in her opponents. No one enjoys watching a savage drink blood.

Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Backstab: Sprints at blinding speeds to attack an enemy from behind, dealing damage and inflicting Vulnerable for 5s.

Skill 2 Edit

Disarm: Attacks an enemy's wrists, dealing damage and inflicting Disarmed for 3s.

Skill 3 Edit

Exterminate: Strikes at the enemy's weak spot, dealing Direct Damage.

Skill 4 Edit

Dismal Aura: The Scarlet Bolt's mere presence fills all enemies with dread. Reduces enemy DEF.

Pro Tip!!

Scarlet Bolt is a direct DMG hero which means she can deal huge amount of damage.Her ability to disarm enemies from using physical skill and her ability to reduce their defense makes her an important supporting hero.She is best to use for those elite stages with high defensive enemies!Make sure to put her behind your tank and next to your healer because of her low HP!