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"Life is far more terrifying than death." - Anderson
Anderson is a quiet and inconspicuous man. But within that frail body rests the immortal wizard who saved the world from countless extra-dimensional threats.

In his youth, Anderson's forbidden magic saved the world. Unfortunately, the price he paid was the curse of immortality; surviving eternity while every person he's ever cared for passes on.

Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Twister: Unleashes a tornado at a target area for 5s, dealing damage to enemies in a medium area.

Skill 2 Edit

Lightning Bolt: Summons a bolt of lightning to strike a target, dealing damage to all enemies in a medium area near the target.

Skill 3 Edit

Fleet-Footed: Summons a breeze in a medium area around Anderson, increasing allies' Reflex for 8s.

Skill 4 Edit

Static Field: The Sage of Storms turns the battlefield into a static field, reducing enemy MDEF.