Incinerator is a caster type hero.She deals decent AOE damage to the enemies which makes her an important hero for Colosseum.Her battle skill are consist of Boosting your Timber production and increase your Siege engine unit HP boost and ATK boost.Her skills makes Incinerator an important hero for your Castle hero team Garrison.


Incinerator hero skills Edit

  • Armageddon *main spell*

Summons a rain of fire at a target area dealing damage and stunning all enemies in a medium area for 1 sec.Chances to inflict condition is increase with skill level.

  • Blaze *rank 2*

Unleashes a mid range wave of flames dealing damage to all enemies in a line and inflicting Stun for 1 sec . Chances to inflict condition increase with skill level

  • Ignite *rank 4*

Engulf an enemy in flames dealing damage and inflicting burn for 4 sec.

  • Inner Spark *rank 7*

Monica unlocks her latent potential and increase her MATK by a starting of 274 points

Pro Tip!!

Incinerator Attributes are a little lower on hit points but her magical attack are really high.She works great in Colosseum with a team of caster and stunning tank heroes.Best to use her on the last line together with the healer.