Guild Discussion Edit


Finding The Right Guild- 

Finding the Right guild can be really tough but guilds drive Lords Mobile more than the individual does so it is very important to find the right guild for you.

First find a guild that SUPPORTS YOUR LANGUAGE. Finding a guild that supports your language affects your experience as much as your guild members. I have experience with joining guilds that i didn't know the language to or people joining the guild i am in who speak different languages and it can create major problems with and starting wars, so for your sake and the guilds speak the right language.

Second find a guild that supports your might level. If you have a high might either try joining a guild that has the same Might as you, maybe more or if you want to lead try starting a new guild, BUT NOTE starting your own clan might leed you to lead players with lower Might levels than you, so although it is fun and you have mostly complete control it has its disadvantages in advancing your civilization as you may have to decide what comes first, your base, or, your clan.

Lastley if you are a lower level castle avoid using your relocator until you know that this clan is right for you and it progresses at the same rate you do, the clan members are loyal and stable, and there is no threat of another clan farming off of you. I used my relocater to a very low Might power clan and regretted it as they did not progress at all and the hive was really small. Luckily i soon got out of that into a stable and large, safe hive with supporting members.

Guild Diplomacy-

It is best to keep your guilds politics to the leader and other main trustworthy leaders of the guild as if all members are writing on diplomacy boards the guild will prove reckless and soon have too many enemies to deal with. Also if you are a guild leader show your members you are not afraid of kicking them for disobeying and starting wars even if they are in your hive or this will become a huge problem and your guild will not and can not stand the test of time. The diplomacy board should only be used my guild LEADERS discussing important events/plans that will affect the entire guild not just one player such as declaring war, or make a non-aggression pact.

Guild Wars-

Waring as a guild is all about coordination and strategy. Firstly rallying is not always the most effective plan of action as it gives the enemy to reinforce enough to easily defend or just put a shield up. A fake rally however can prove effective seeing who sends soldiers to defend that leader and taking out the assets proves useful in denying their leader future help and leaving their most helpful members helpless. Also during guild wars be cautious of farms,mines,ruins,etc.. as these are good points for the enemy to trap you making you decide to stay at the farm at fight or go back to base and fight the other troops going there. DO NOT start a war alone without consulting leaders and or other members to check preparation of BOTH SIDES. Since Lords Mobile is a game it runs on numbers and whoever has the higher numbers are going to win with the right strategy.

Good Luck- IGG ID:332965662