Background Edit

"Balance is the Way of life." - Rasmus
Rasmus is a 20,000-year-old guardian of the Elementals.

He shows great interest in the physical realm and spends his life there researching its wonders.

Battle Skills Edit

Nature's Wrath Edit

Deals 105/110/120/140/200% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

Food Supply Management Edit

Food Production +7,5/15/30/60/150%

Siege Engine DEF Boost Edit

Siege Engine DEF +3,75/7,5/15/30/75

Siege Engine ATK Boost Edit

Siege Engine ATK +1,5/3/6/12/30%

Hero Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Seismism: Summons long range tremors that shake the earth, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.

First Active Edit

Elemental Shot: Releases a magical arrow fused with the power of fire and ice, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area around the target.

Second Active Edit

Art of Wind: Sends a strong wind across the land, reducing all enemies' MDEF for 8s.

Passive Edit

Mystic Wisdom: The light of boundless wisdom pervades the Elementalist, increasing M-CRIT.