"I shall see you again in death." - Shroud

The Fearsome warrior and the second son of the Hailor's family. He was famous in life for his speed, leading to the name Demon Slayer. One day he met a female elf, Miltina, who rekindled kindness in him.Shroud life change forever and he fell in love with Miltina. He give himself in Miltina love. But very soon dark would fall upon his life when Shroud's enemy set up a fire which lead to the death of his beloved. His love perished in that fire. Given himself into grief and revenge, Shroud surrendered to infinity's will for the power to avenge his lost love. However he did not give up loving Miltima. All that poundered in his heart is that: Miltina "I shall see you again in death."

Demon SlayerEdit




Demon Slayer







Hero SkillsEdit

Ultimate SkillEdit

The Wilting Spiral: Spin and slashes nearby enemies in a large area, causing damage two times and reducing M-CRIT for six seconds. Deals physical damage to enemies. increase with skills level. 100% chance of wining with this attack if enemies are below level 42.

First ActiveEdit

Silent Ambush: Shroud advance behind the target for a surprise attack, dealing great damage to the enemy.

Second ActiveEdit

Mystic Seal: Releasing a powerful spell that bind nearby enemies in a small area, therfore causing damage and silenced them for a few seconds. Deals physical damage. Silenced enemies cannot use magics. Attack level increase with resect to skills.100% chance of wining with this attack if enemies are below level 42


Dark Imprint: The mark of Demon Slayer emanates a powerful magic that lead to increase in MDEF.