Background Edit

"Life is a bomb. You gotta go out with a bang!" - Tinkus
Goblins employ rather questionable methods to bring smiles to the downtrodden.

Tinkus has a cavalier passion for explosives. Coupled with his mischievous nature, this is one Goblin everyone should be wary of; especially when he is in a generous mood.

Battle Skills Edit

Meteor Edit

Deals 105/110/120/140/200% Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops.

Trap Durability Boost Edit

Trap Max HP +3,75/7,5/15/30/75%

Trap ATK Boost Edit

Trap ATK +1,5/3/6/12/30%

Army ATK Boost Edit

Army Attack Boost +1/2//4/8/20%

Hero Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Chain Reaction: Throws multiple bombs at the target, dealing damage 5 times to all enemies in a medium area.

First Active Edit

Big Ol' Bomb: Throws a bomb at the target, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area.

Second Active Edit

Explosive Gift: Hurls a gift box containing a bomb to the enemy, dealing damage and inflicting Stun for 3s.

Passive Edit

Last Burst: Explosives ignite after Tinkus' death, dealing damage to all enemies.